Cleaning up Boston’s ‘Methadone Mile’ and other drug havens

Other U.S. cities having similar issues due to heroin crisi

BOSTON (AP) — Residents and people recovering from addiction say Boston’s “Methadone Mile” has seen little to no improvement after city officials promised new measures to tackle the notorious drug haven last year.

George Stergios is the local neighborhood association president. He says residents are still finding discarded needles in yards and people passed out in alleyways.

The Associated Press visited the area over the course of three weeks and found an open-air drug market where people injected heroin and dealers peddled drugs with impunity.

Devin Larkin heads the city’s Bureau of Recovery Services. She says increased police presence, new outreach workers and other measures still need time to make an impact.

San Francisco, New York, Philadelphia and other U.S. cities also are wrestling with chronically drug-infested areas that have exploded during the heroin crisis.


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