Big sports night in Massachusetts for baseball, football and hockey fans

It's not often that three professional teams from one state play on the same night

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Thursday night was a big night for Massachusetts sports fans.

With the Red Sox starting their post season, the Patriots looking to bounce back from a loss, and the Bruins kicking things off on the ice. New England sports fans have a lot to root for.

It’s not often that three professional teams from one state play on the same night. One fan at the rumble seat in Chicopee told 22News, that no matter the team’s record, he tries to watch as many games as he can.

New England Patriots 16, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 14 (4th)

“We’ve been through the bad times, we’ve been through the hard times,” said Mike Martin. “We’ve been through some great times the last 10-15 years, you have to stick behind them.”

Boston is the only city to win championships in all four major sports within a 10-year span.

Fans at the rumble seat told 22News the teams’ success is like no other, and so are the fans.

A Chicopee resident who just moved from California, told 22News, the New England fans passion is greater than anywhere else.

“The fans are totally different on the east coast than they are on the west coast,” said Alberto Luna. “They truly are fans out here, and I’ve learned that from the people I met out here.”

Even though they weren’t playing Thursday night, The Boston Celtics pre-season is underway.

The Celtics regular season tips off on October 17.