UMass professor develops wireless heated gloves

UMASS is revolutionizing textile electronics in their Amherst labs

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Relief is on the way for people who enjoy being outdoors in the winter time, but hate freezing fingertips.

It’s called “wearable electronics.” It’s a new technique for creating electrically heated clothing.

UMass is revolutionizing textile electronics in their Amherst labs.

Professor Trisha Andrew’s 2-year research project developed wireless heated gloves that use a 3 volt battery, held in the palm of your hand.

They’ll keep your fingers and hands warm for about 8 hours.

“With textiles they actually hold in heat, so we thought, if you put a conductor on top of the textile, you’d get the conductive part and the textile holds in the heat,” Andrew told 22News. “And so you can actually get what you want, and that’s what lead us to making a glove.”

The glove-fingers have special coating on the inside, called “conductive polymer.”

The coating generates the heat. The inside of the glove is cotton, and has no wires or metal like currently available heated gloves.

The heat still works even after the gloves get wet.

Andrew’s is also working on a wearable heart monitor fitness bra.