All Yahoo users affected by 2013 data breach

You can enable two-step authentication on your accounts for more security

(WWLP) – The biggest data breach in history, just got bigger.

Original notification Yahoo sent out December 2016 to those affected by the data breach.

We first learned of Yahoo’s 2013 data breach at the end of 2016. New information from outside forensic experts say the breach affected three times as many people Yahoo had initially reported.

The company originally said that hackers stole names, email addresses and passwords of one billion users. The breach actually affected all  three billion users of Yahoo email, Tumblr, Fantasy, and Flickr.

The data that was stolen from customers did not include any financial information.

Yahoo is now notifying the additional users affected by the 2013 data breach.


What you can do to protect yourself:

  • Change your passwords and security questions
  • Change passwords and security questions for all accounts on which you used the same information for your Yahoo account
  • Avoid giving information to anyone who calls you claiming they are from Yahoo
  • Avoid clicking on links or downloading attachments from suspicious emails
  • Enable security options like two-step authentication, which will send you a text message or call you with a code to enter before you can access your accounts

If you have any questions about the data breach, click here.