Local pilot joins group to transport medical supplies to Puerto Rico

Antibiotics and insulin are seriously needed

Photo Courtesy: Miguel Estremera

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A western Massachusetts pilot is flying aid to Puerto Rico.

It’s only Tuesday, and Agawam pilot Miguel Estremera has already flown several missions transporting supplies to Puerto Rico, and even bringing people back to the Pioneer Valley.

Estremera is a United Airlines Pilot by day, but through Sky Hope, he’s been flying tons of food, water, and medical supplies to people struggling in Puerto Rico.

Estremera said medication is what’s most desperately needed in Puerto Rico.

Sky Hope finds private planes and pilots, and works with organizations to gather supplies, and delivers them wherever they’re needed.

Estremera said right now antibiotics and insulin are seriously needed.

“I can tell ya, people are just saying help,” Estremera told 22News. “I’ve had air traffic controllers reach out to me and say help, we don’t have food. Please take my family. The need is great. People will come from any town as long as they have gas to get there to pick up supplies if you tell them to.”

Estremera has been flying to San Juan and other smaller airports to reach parts of the island that haven’t received much aid.

On return trips, he’s been flying people back to their family members in the Pioneer Valley.

“They call this little Puerto Rico you know, everybody down here has family in Puerto Rico,” said Jason Ramirez of Holyoke. “It’s difficult, especially when you don’t know if they’re okay.”

Estremera said donations of medical supplies are desperately needed.

If you would like to donate medical supplies, send an email to miguel@palservices.org for more information.

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