Autumn is still tick season in western Massachusetts

Ticks may actually be more active now that dry summer heat is over

GRANBY, Mass. (WWLP) – Tick season continues here in western Massachusetts. In fact, fall may be prime time for ticks, as the insects will often dry out from the hot weather of summer.

Autumn brings mild afternoons and cool mornings, which ticks like. The afternoons are not too hot, and ticks thrive in the moist, cool mornings and nights.

22News spoke with Guy George of Premier Pest Control in Granby, who said that you should not let your guard down with ticks. Weather permitting, ticks can continue to thrive through winter.

“All depending on the weather, you can have ticks throughout the winter months, if you get warm days in the middle of the winter months,” George said.

With all of the activity in the woods, and with squirrels and deer finding food, ticks can spread.

The folks at Premier Pest Control said that we really need three good, hard frosts for the ticks to begin to die off.