5th annual “Mutts and Mimosas” takes place in Whately

The pets made the most of their opportunities to socialize

WHATELY, Mass. (WWLP) – A fundraiser for Dakin Humane Society where pets played around with other pets.

For the fifth consecutive year, Dakin supporters along with their pets spent a few hours at Quonquont farm in Whately.

The event is called Mutts and Mimosas. Dakin’s work with animals in the Pioneer Valley has gained the organization many fervent supporters.

Mary Baldwin of Easthampton told 22News, “My husband and I are animal lovers, and we love the food, you can’t beat the mimosas. Jenny herself is a Dakin dog, and we also got married here. We love coming back every year.”

The pets made the most of their opportunities to socialize. The Dakin animal shelters in Springfield and Leverett also came out winners – all the money raised went directly to the Dakin Humane Society facilities