Mayor Sarno responds to librarian who called Dr. Seuss books racist

Sarno added that if they don't want them, schools here would gladly accept them

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) — An Eastern Massachusetts Librarian has called Dr. Seuss’s books “racist propaganda.”

At the Dr. Seuss Museum in Springfield, visitors couldn’t believe that a school librarian in Cambridge would make such unflattering remarks about the author who’s revered by so many.

Kimberly Celli brought her Rowe Elementary School class to the Seuss Museum from Franklin County.

“Dr. Seuss is one of the most beloved authors that we’ve ever had I don’t understand why she would say something like that,” Celli told 22News. “It’s actually heartbroken. These kids love Dr. Seuss.”

The librarians disparaging comments have angered Mayor Domenic Sarno. He issued a statement saying the librarians opinion of Dr. Seuss “stink and are ridiculous.”

“This is political correctness at its worst,” said Mayor Sarno. “To try to vilify Dr. Seuss to Dr. Seuss with evil, Dr. Seuss is a beloved individual figure in the books, that he’s helped our kids enjoy reading.”

The mayor praised First Lady Melania Trump for offering to donate Dr. Seuss books to the Cambridge school library.

An offer rejected by the Librarian, who was counseled by her superiors not to use school resources for a political agenda.

Sarno added that if they don’t want them, schools here would gladly accept them.