Orange Police Dog Unit gets a new cruiser with donation

The department received a donation of $60,000 from a local couple

ORANGE, Mass. (WWLP)- Officer Chris Bisceglia and K9 officer “Orka” make up the Orange Police Dog Unit.

They’re partners in the force and they do everything together.

“The K9 is like a child to me,” said Officer Bisseglia. “I have children, she’s another one for me. She’s an asset to the town.”

The department was able to buy a brand new police dog cruiser thanks to a $60,000 donation from a local couple. The Orange Police Department has had Orka for about a year and a half now. She’s a Belgian Malinois, so they have to speak to her in Dutch. The technology inside this new cruiser will best protect her.

The cruiser has temperature sensors built into the rear seat where Orka stays. If it gets too hot, the cruiser sets off an alarm. The rear windows then roll down and a fan turns on to cool Orka down.

“It has every safety feature available for the K9, every option that’s available today so that’s huge for the department,” said Officer Bisseglia.

Officer Biseglia will get a text alert notification on his cell phone, if the cruiser gets too hot or cold for Orka. The previous cruiser had none of these safety features.

Orka has been trained to track human scent, which has helped find missing people, and illegal drugs in Franklin County.