Debit card holders should frequently monitor their bank accounts

Lowering the charge limit on your debit card can help you from losing large sums of money.

WESTFIELD, Mass. (WWLP)-Swiping your debit card multiple times a day at various locations could make allow you to become a vicitim of debit card fraud.

Consumers are also reporting fraudulent activity on their checking and savings accounts as well.

“It has happened to me, so I check every month, check my statements,” said Rita Leger. “I’ve had banks call me and say it,
and I say no I’m right here in Chicopee.”

Lowering the charge limit on your debit card can also help, if you become a victim of fraud.

Banks can lower your withdrawl limit or charge limit at your request, and this can be reversed just hours before you need to make a large transaction.

Debit card fraud is especially dangerous for people who keep large sums of mony in one specific bank account.

“If you’re going to be using one particular account keep that at a smaller balance so that there’s not all of your money in one account,” said Vice President of Security and Fraud Investigations of Westfield Bank, Linda Swartz. “There’s a lot of different ways that you can protect yourself and your bank will be able to help you witht that.”

In addition to your bank being helping you, you can take extra precautions to help yourself..

Swartz encourages debit card holders to protect their PIN numbers, by using their hand as a shield when making transactions.

She said it is also best to use a different card for entrance to an ATM then the card you’re making a withdrawal with.

People should also stay away from using debit or credit cards at the gas pump, as well.