School board chair defends $500,000 ballot question donation

Voters rejected the ballot question

BOSTON (AP) — Board of Elementary and Secondary Education Chairman Paul Sagan is defending his decision not to reveal a $500,000 donation he gave to a New York-based group pushing last year’s charter school ballot question.

In a seven-page statement Tuesday, Sagan says it was up to the group, Families for Excellent Schools-Advocacy, to reveal the donation.

Sagan says he decided not to voluntarily disclose the gift during last year’s campaign because he thought opponents would accuse him of using his platform as board chair to “help influence support for expanding the statutory cap on charter schools.”

Sagan says he broke no state conflict-of-interest laws.

The gift was revealed earlier this month when state regulators forced the group to pay a record fine and make their donors public.

Voters rejected the ballot question.


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