Revenue Committee considers bill to create sales tax holiday

BOSTON (WWLP) – The state’s Revenue Committee held a public hearing Tuesday on several bills dealing with tax policy, including a bill by Governor Baker to establish a sales tax holiday in 2017.

Although Baker’s bill called for a tax-free weekend in August, every bill must have a hearing and the legislation could be used as to craft future legislation.

Supporters of a tax reduction plan to take a 5 percent sales tax and permanent sales tax holiday to voters on the 2018 ballot if lawmakers don’t pass it.

“Although many, if not all members support the concept of a tax holiday, you really have to understand whether or not those revenues are going to be there to support such a thing,” State Rep. Michael Finn told 22News.

Bills that would create a permanent sales tax holiday or a 2018 sales tax holiday are also currently under committee review.