Residents trying to cope with the heat here in western Massachusetts

Western Massachusetts has already broke 2 record high temperatures

EASTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Our warm weather stretched into a third day here in western Massachusetts. 22News talked with residents Tuesday who have been coping with the heat the last couple of days.

For some people its been hard to get into the Fall spirit with temperatures 20 degrees above average. Western Massachusetts set 2 new high temperature records on consecutive days this week. Some residents are finding it hard to get used to this Fall heat.

Tom Bashista told 22News that he’s been treating these days more like the middle of summer and he has had to make sure he has been staying hydrated out in the fields.

Crops are having a tough time adjusting to the heat. Apples started growing in July, but they need cool Fall nights to ripen. Tom Bashista, Bashista Orchards in Easthampton, told 22News, “Its going to ripen them a little quicker but fortunately there are varieties that tend to drop in the heat and we already picked most of them so we’re in good shape.”

The record temps took some people by surprise. Staying hydrated helps you avoid some heat related health issues.

Drew McConaha, Train For Life, “Adding more water throughout the day your creating habits with that, carrying a water bottle with you, making sure your staying hydrated using how frequently your going to the bathroom is a good sign, if your going more its a good sign your body is doing a good job.”

Some signs of heat exhaustion are dizziness and muscle cramps.