Mother of murdered Foxboro child defends father


FOXBORO, Mass. (WPRI) – Less than a week after her son was tragically shot in a murder-suicide, Laurie Tolliver says she does not blame the boy’s father for his death.

Billy Scaccia and his son Anthony, 6, were found dead Thursday in an apparent murder-suicide after Scaccia first fatally shot the boy and then himself.

Tolliver says Scaccia was an upstanding citizen and a caring father who proudly served his country. Following his service in Iraq in the late 1990s, he developed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and depression. Tolliver blames this mental illness for Scaccia’s violent behavior.

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“He wasn’t a monster, he was one of the greatest guys you could ever meet,” Tolliver tearfully told Eyewitness News. “He was caring, he was smart, he was intelligent. He was an RN, he was a mountaineer, he served this country for a long time. He was a proud American.”

Tolliver believes Anthony’s death came about from Scaccia’s misguided attempt to protect “from the awful things that could happen,” and that Scaccia loved his son more than anything in the world.

Anthony had just started kindergarten this fall at Burrell School. Tolliver described him as a cheerful, outgoing little boy who was “the life of the party.”

A dual wake is scheduled for Wednesday evening at a Norwood, Massachusetts funeral home.

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Foxborough police found the father and son suffering from gunshot wounds inside the child’s home Thursday night.