Woman bitten three times by venomous snake inside restaurant


FREDERICKSBURG, Va. (WCMH) — A woman is recovering after she was bitten three times by a copperhead snake while eating in a Virginia restaurant.

“Everything is swollen,” Rachel Myrick told WTVR about her injuries from the snake bite.

Myrick said as she was walking into the Longhorn Steakhouse restaurant on Tuesday, September 12, she felt what she thought was a bee sting on her left foot.

By the time she realized what happened, the snake had bitten her two more times. “I reached down and grabbed my foot because of the amount of pain and under my fingers felt it wiggle,” she said.

Her boyfriend and 13-year-old son stomped on the snake to kill it after it attacked, but the damage had been done. Myrick spent the next five days in the hospital receiving anti-venom.

Myrick will have to spend months recovering, but she’s trying to stay positive.

Longhorn Steakhouse released a statement saying they are looking into what happened, and taking steps to prevent it from happening again.