Watch: Man tries to run over woman, 2 kids with car

The driver was later arrested and taken into custody

Photo Courtesy: NBC News

(NBC) – A man in Las Vegas is facing attempted murder charges after he tried to hit a woman with his car.

Cell phone video shows the driver driving erratically around, not only the woman, but also two children. Police say it all started when the woman and the man got into an argument.

When she took off walking, the driver began to chase her with his orange mustang.

Witnesses say the man floored his car in reverse, drove around in circles, nearing hitting kids leaving a nearby school. In one part of the video, you can actually see one child falling to the ground.

The Reverend Dwight Grant, who is a former police officer, managed to stop and detain the driver.

The driver was later arrested and taken into custody.

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