Apartments plagued with consistent mold problem

One woman says she has been dealing with a mold problem for years

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GREAT BARRINGTON, Mass. (NEWS10) – Some tenants of the Great Barrington Housing Authority feel forgotten.

One woman says she has been dealing with a mold problem for years and that not much is being done about it.

“I called you and everybody else under the sun because this isn’t right”

Ariane Blanchard says she’s been living with mold for more than a decade.

She moved into an apartment at the Great Barrington Housing Authority in 2005.

“Mold on my shoes, on my winter jacket. There is nothing that doesn’t get affected.”

According to Blanchard, the housing authority told her they control moisture to prevent chronic dampness, but do nothing for mold.

“They wiped things down with a cleaner that is supposed to prevent the mold from coming back.”

Only, it did come back.

The mold was also found in two more apartments.

When the health department stepped in, Blanchard had small victories.

They ordered the authority to place rocks around her home to absorb water, install fans and dehumidifiers, and remove a piece of mold-ridden sheetrock from her mechanical room.

The Department of Health also ordered the authority to bring in an industrial hygienist to investigate what kind of mold was in her home.

“I never realized it was in my bedroom. Stachybotrys kills people. That’s the mold they found in my bedroom.”

Blanchard has since filed a lawsuit against the authority.

The authority says they’ve done everything required of them by the Health Department and the industrial hygienist’s report.

Blanchard feels it isn’t enough.

“At this point, I’m afraid of dying.”

She’s afraid her concerns will continue to fall on deaf ears.

“I guess I paid rent for the privilege of getting sick? I don’t get it but I want somebody to do something about it”

The housing authority says they cannot comment at this time because of the ongoing litigation.

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