Dateline: “Devil’s Bathtub”

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(NBC) – Pittsford, New York, a pretty suburb of Rochester– big houses, big families, and top-ranked schools that make the people who move here want to stick around.

“In this community, I, you grow up in a bubble. This is the community’s bubble.” Chelsea Kneuer

The Rideout family lived in that happy bubble, Chelsea Kneuer dated the oldest Rideout boy, Colin.

“Oh, yea. That was one of the reasons why I fell in love with him. He loved his family.” Chelsea Kneuer

…and it was a big one. Four boys. Three girls.  The Rideout household was always bustling: family dinners — holidays.

Colin’s parents, “Craig and Laura” embraced the chaos.

Dad Craig worked as a computer programmer and spent time mentoring kids at his church.

“Craig is a outwardly personable person. You, when you meet Craige Rideout, you’ll like him. Laura is compassionate. She’s also really intelligent. She, I mean, she double majored in physics and English 4.0.” ” Paul Tucci

As for the Rideout kids, they were smart like their parents, hard-working, articulate. But while they thrived, family life took a toll on Craig and Laura’s marriage.

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