“I’ll definitely deploy again” says one Red Cross volunteer

The American Red Cross needs new volunteers.

American Red Cross volunteer, Jamie Campbell, delivering supplies to people trapped in their neighborhoods in Houston after Hurricane Harvey.

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP)- “I’ll definitely deploy again.”

Jamie Campbell didn’t think twice when she flew to Texas by herself to help the American Red Cross right after hurricane Harvey hit Houston.

“I’ve never felt more fulfilled in my whole life and my purpose is just to do it again… to help”, says Campbell.

It can be the most rewarding experience of your life, and the need for volunteers is so high that even people in executive positions at the American Red Cross are getting deployed.

“We as a staff are all engaged and have been made aware that we need to be ready to deploy and help out at any level that we possibly can”, said Jen Garutti, the executive director of the American Red Cross of Western Massachusetts.

Nearly 6,000 American Red Cross volunteers are on the ground in disaster regions right now. Almost every emergency vehicle is also being used.

The Red Cross says the need for volunteers continues to rise, and there is a possibility for another hurricane since there are still many weeks of hurricane season left.

“It’s long days and hard work, but [it’s a] sense of fulfillment that you really won’t get anywhere else”, says Campbell.

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