Westfield State students uncomfortable after racist comments left on door

The university president is asking any students with information on the incident to come forward

Photo Courtesy: Kiara Dade via ReportIt

WESTFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Westfield State University students feel uneasy in their dorm room after repeated racist comments were left on their door.

Hundreds of students from the University staged a vigil in Stanley park to stand up against hate.

Photo Courtesy: Kiara Dade via ReportIt

Two residents of New Hall at the university told 22News they feel uncomfortable in their home after having racist comments left on their door three days in a row.

Kiara Dade is a junior at Westfield State University. She said since Sunday, racist and offensive comments have been left on the white board and door tag to her dorm room.

“Really uncomfortable, it’s happening at times when we aren’t there, and when we are there nothing is happening, so it’s like is someone watching us?” Dade asked 22News. “You know it’s like uneasy.”

The university sent out several emails condemning the statements left on the students’ doors, and they said they hope this incident can incite some change on campus.

Racist messages written on student’s door at Westfield State

Dade told 22News emails from the president of the university said these comments would not be tolerated, and roommate Aubriana Alves said she hopes they’ve seen the last of these hateful messages.

“It hurts, it hurts like hell,” Alves told 22News. “It’s just ignorant, it’s demeaning, it just doesn’t feel good. We are hoping that it can cause a chain, and a change and for people to understand, okay let’s stop doing this, cause you’re actually hurting people and bringing people down.”

Residents of New Hall told 22News the entire residential dorm met with the university president to address the issue.

“Some people are criticizing our president for just sending out an email, but I don’t think that’s the case at all,” said Elizabeth Potter. “I think he really cares about what is going on, our vice president of academic affairs also teared up when we were talking outside, and I think that it had to happen.”

The university president is asking any students with information on the incident to come forward.