Police seek video of fatal punch

(KXAN) Police in Austin, Texas are asking for the public’s help identifying the man who fatally punched a San Antonio Air Force veteran on the city’s popular 6th Street early Sunday.

In a news conference Tuesday, Austin police say Marques Johnson, 33, was in town with his wife and friends celebrating a friend’s 30th birthday. Johnson’s group had just left a club when an altercation occurred between Johnson and two other men.

Witnesses told police the men followed Johnson and his wife when they walked away, when one suspect threw something at Johnson. Police say when Johnson turned around, another man punched him.

“We actually see our victim lying basically in the middle of Sixth Street, a crowd coming around him, and then the officers showing up on the scene,” says Sgt. Tracy Gerrish with the Homicide Unit. Johnson was rushed to the hospital where he died the following day.

Friends of Johnson’s describe him as a humble man who loved his family and was always smiling. They say he was never aggressive.

“Marques doesn’t go out of his way, even if he was drinking he’s not one of those to act out in such a brash way,” says Johnson’s co-worker Adekunle Lufadeju. “It’s just very tough. He served his country and the way his life came to an end — because someone was being completely moronic is very heart breaking.”

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