Longmeadow Police urge residents to secure homes after break-in

Valuable items were stolen from the home, including jewelry

LONGMEADOW, Mass. (WWLP) – Police in Longmeadow are warning residents to secure their doors after a home break-in this week.

The Longmeadow Police Department said a home in the area of West Road was broken into during the day sometime during the week, with thieves prying open a slider door in the back of the home.

Police said valuable items were stolen from the home, including jewelry.

Longmeadow police issuing warning after home break-in

Longmeadow residents said they may want to add extra locks to their homes after the break in.

“I think that if people take measures, they can protect themselves against these break-ins,” said Lina Alexandra Hogan. “Perhaps holding mail if they’re on vacation, or putting up some sort of contraption to prevent doors or windows from being opened.”

The Longmeadow Police Department is recommending residents add an extra lock to sliding doors in their home, and are asking anyone with information on the break in to contact the police department.