Locals with family in Puerto Rico react to Hurricane Maria

Connection has been lost on parts of the island making it hard for locals to contact their loved ones

CHICOPEE,Mass.(WWLP) – Nearly two weeks ago, storm preparations for Hurricane Irma began in Puerto Rico, as residents were told a major storm was headed their way.

The eye of the hurricane never made landfall, leaving many relieved, but that all changed when Hurricane Maria struck the island on Wednesday.

People in the area with family currently living in Puerto Rico told 22News that there is not much they can do for them here in the United States, but that they hope this storm doesn’t leave their family members living on the island devastated.

Jeimilee Cruz is a Puerto Rico native who works in Chicopee. Her entire family still lives on the island and she fears what will happen to them.

“All of my family lives there and I want the best for everybody,” said Cruz. “I know it’s going to have a big impact.”

“Just pray to God for what will come and hopefully whatever goes is material, not human beings.”

Strong wind gusts have wiped out power in areas of the island, making it hard for people to find out the status of their loved ones.

” I am very worried about my family and friends in Puerto Rico,” said Candida Laracuente. “It’s going to affect very much.”

Hurricane Maria is being called one of the strongest hurricanes to reach the shores of Puerto Rico, and could affect the more than 3 million people who live there.

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