Hurricane Maria causes massive damage to Puerto Rico and the Caribbean

The hurricane tore off roofs and sent doors flying from hinges

PUERTO RICO (WWLP) – Hurricane Maria has unleashed 150 mile-per-hour winds on the Caribbean and Puerto Rico.

It’s one of the strongest hurricanes to make landfall in the U.S. territory in nearly a century.

Hundreds of homes are destroyed and streets are flooded and littered with debris. Thousands of people have been pushed into 500 shelters across the strike zone.

Hurricane Maria aims at Puerto Rico after slamming Dominica

The hurricane tore off roofs and sent doors flying from hinges.

Maria also brought down cell towers and power lines, leaving the entire island without power.

San Juan Mayor Yulin Cruz told 22News, “The Puerto Rico and the San Juan that we knew yesterday is no longer there. So we have to reconstruct, rebuild, reinvent and we have to be resilient. And we have to push on if not with our bodies, with our hearts and with our soul.”

As Hurricane Maria hits Puerto Rico, the American Red Cross calls for more help

The National Hurricane Center says the storm has moved away from Puerto Rico with maximum sustained winds near 115 miles-per-hour.