Abused girl kept in closet

(WXII) Investigators say a 5-year-old girl being kept in a closet inside a Randleman, North Carolina home was severely malnourished, bruised and burned.

The child’s family said her father, Adam Byrd, who is facing numerous charges in this case, has a history of abuse.

“The family knew something was wrong. We’ve always known that something was not right. I was afraid, I made many comments to officers that they would find her dead or locked in a closet if they didn’t do something,” Linda Benskey, the girl’s grandmother, said. “The system needs to change. Law enforcement should be able to lay eyes on any child at any given time.”

Benskey said Byrd kept the girl in daycare until June 1st. Then, she said the family lost all contact. She said they made multiple efforts to check on the child by calling the Department of Social Services and the police, but without solid evidence of abuse for a search warrant, their hands were tied.

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5-year-old NC girl found badly burned, bruised, locked in closet