Planning Ahead: Disaster Finances

(NBC News) September is living up to its billing as National Preparedness Month, and the slogan “Disasters Don’t Plan Ahead, You Can.”

“This is where the value of having that emergency savings account really comes into play,” says’s Greg McBride.

McBride says those emergency savings should always include some cash because credit and debit cards aren’t going to work when the power’s out.

While plannning for financial upheaval during a disaster you should also be prepared to go without a paycheck in case your workplace gets damaged.

The biggest wake-up call these hurricanes are sending, though, has to do with flood insurance, and the lack of it.

“A lot of people are not covered by flood insurance. Either they don’t realize that it’s not covered through their homeowners’ policy or they’ve balked at paying that additional premium that comes due every year,” McBride says.

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