Dr. Phil – “‘I’ve given my drug addict son over $3 million to keep him alive'”

Jerry Sr. has actually bought drugs for his son, allowed him to use drugs in front of him

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (CBS) – Despite his wife threatening divorce, Jerry Sr. says he has spent over $3 million to save his son, Jerry Jr.’s, life from an extreme addiction to heroin and crack.

From spending $1 million dollars on safe luxury cars for Jerry Jr. to drive, to having an attorney on a $20,000 retainer to get his son out of legal trouble, Jerry Sr. insists he is the only one keeping his only son alive.

But just how far will this father go to “save” his son?

You won’t want to miss what happens when Dr. Phil shows Jerry Sr.’s wife and daughter video footage of him actually buying drugs for his son and allowing him to shoot heroin and smoke crack in front of him.

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