Springfield celebrates Native American culture

Native Americans of all backgrounds, stood united as the third largest city in Massachusetts recognized them

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Native American culture was celebrated and recognized in Springfield Saturday.

Dozens of people, gathered at Springfield’s city hall steps for the momentous event where Native Americans were honored for their contributions.

Tasondra Jardine of the Native American Inter-Tribal Council told 22News, “A lot of people don’t realize how many things are actually named after Native American’s things. A lot of our schools, streets, towns are named after Native American’s things.”

This year, marks the 13th year, the city of Springfield has honored and recognized this group.

The event was organized by the Native American Inter-Tribal Council of Western Massachusetts, a small grass roots organization that helps spread and teach Native American culture.

“We’ve been going into public libraries and teaching classes, just doing like a story-telling of all ages,” said Jardine. “Just spreading what it is that is the best parts of our history and culture.”

The group also raise awareness about issues affecting, the original inhabitants of this land.

During the event, speakers discussed the contributions, achievements, sacrifices, and cultural and historical legacy of Native Americans and their descendants.

Jacqueline Farrow, a Springfield resident, told 22News, “I absolutely do feel recognized, but I am proud of my African American history. I’m proud of my Native American history and I feel it’s made me a stronger person.”

An organizer told 22News, Native American history should be celebrated every day.

Native Americans of all shades, ages and backgrounds, stood united as the third largest city in Massachusetts recognized them.

As far back as the late 1970s, Congress has enacted legislation and presidents have issued annual proclamations designating a day, a week, or a month to honor Native Americans.