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CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – There’s something terribly wrong in the sleepy New England town of Derry, Maine, and Stephen King knows just how to exploit their worst fears, as well as ours.

“It” as you might have heard, tells the creepy tale of a demonic clown preying on terrified teenagers, considered losers by their bullying peers.

Expect the treacherous monster to turn up suddenly in the most unlikely neighborhood sewer drain. Don’t let his soft spoken manner fool you. Eerie moments galore keep the audience on edge. “It” turns into a roller coaster ride on seemingly supernatural forces engulfing the lives of these teens during their summer vacation.

This well-acted spine-tingle is a welcome addition to the world of horrifying make-believe, as the inquisitive kids make their quirky discoveries in the creepiest places.

Since the Stephen King novel is more than 600 pages long, “It” will need a sequel to tell the entire story. But it’s off to a good, scary start, confronting the fears of young people unable to explain the unknown.

But be forewarned, this R-Rated shocker includes some really sick behavior. But for Stephen king fans who relish being scared out of their wits, “It” earns every one of its 3 stars. In every sense, “It” is a great big hit….

3 Stars

Rated R

2 hours

Bill Skarsgard, Jaeden Liebergher, Sophia Littes