Democratic governor candidates debate for the first time

All the candidates told 22News that western Massachusetts is a primary focus of their campaign

EAST LONGMEADOW, Mass. (WWLP) – The East Longmeadow Democratic Town Committee organized the first debate between the Democratic candidates for Governor.

It was a debate right here in western Massachusetts and the candidates told 22News they were grateful for the opportunity to speak with western Massachusetts voters.

Democratic candidates Jay Gonzalez, Setti Warren, and Bob Massie spoke about the changes they would make if they were elected governor of Massachusetts.

Health care and tax revenue were two of the major issues the candidates addressed.

We reduce costs not by jacking up costs for average people so they’re paying more for the health care, we’re one of the most expensive states,” said Setti Warren. “But reducing costs through administrative costs and drug costs. That’s the kind of health care system we need here in Massachusetts.”

With the lack of a sales tax holiday this summer, many would like to see the tax revenue increase.

“I support the millionaires tax that’s going to be on the ballot in 2018 that would ask those who make more than 1 million dollars a year to pay a little more in taxes that we desperately need to invest in education, transportation and the other needs of the people of the commonwealth,” said Jay Gonzalez.

All the candidates told 22News that western Massachusetts is a primary focus of their campaign.

This region depends on that infrastructure investment, and the era in which all the advantages go to eastern Massachusetts, needs to end, I would do that as Governor,” said Bob Massie.

The Democratic candidates’ night is scheduled to be held November 8th at the Greenwood Center in Longmeadow.