Big E fairgoers celebrate Maine day

Maine Day showcases what makes the state of Maine unique

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Fairgoers celebrated Maine Day at the Big E Saturday by enjoying all the delectable foods the state has to offer.

Maine Day showcases what makes the state of Maine unique.

Dozens waited in long lines outside the Maine State Building for one of the most popular Big E delicacies: the baked potato.

Fairgoers told 22News it’s worth the wait.

“Maybe it’s just a magic potato, but it just tastes so good that it’s worth the wait,” said Allen Nickerson, a Springfield College student. “It’s worth the time just to get it.”

The Big E continues Sunday with Storrowton Day and Chalice of Salvation Sunday.

Sunday, Sept. 17 – Storrowton Day & Chalice of Salvation Sunday

Monday, Sept. 18 – Salute to West Springfield

Tuesday, Sept. 19 – Rhode Island Day & Salute to Holyoke

Wednesday, Sept. 20 – Connecticut Day

Thursday, Sept. 21 – Massachusetts Day

Friday, Sept. 22 – New Hampshire Day

Saturday, Sept. 23 – Vermont Day

Sunday, Sept. 24 – Grange Day

Monday, Sept. 25 – Salute to Springfield

Tuesday, Sept. 26 – Salute to Chicopee

Wednesday, Sept. 27 – Salute to Agawam

Thursday, Sept. 28 – Salute to Westfield

Friday, Sept. 29 – Harvest New England Day

Saturday, Sept. 30 – Salute to All Things Country

Sunday, Oct. 1 – Salute to Special Olympics