Should doctor assisted suicide be legalized in Massachusetts?

People in Western Massachusetts have mixed thoughts on the subject.

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP)-  Massachusetts voters rejected it in 2012 and now the question of legalizing doctor-assisted suicide is back on Beacon Hill.

Doctor-assisted suicide is illegal in Massachusetts, but for the 8th time in legislature history, a bill dedicated to making it legal is going through a public health committee hearing.

“Take all medical means necessary, but at the end of the day, you have to let nature take its course”, says Terry Hurlbut of West Springfield.

The bill has mixed reviews in Western Massachusetts.

“I think it should be legal, but under certain restraints that the doctor has to follow”, says Debbie Maier of Longmeadow.

The bill would allow people to ask their doctors for a life ending prescription if they have a terminal illness and are given 6 months or less to live.

For some, it’s not up to humans to decide when to die- it’s against their religion.

“Put all things in the hands of God and he will choose the exact time when it’s time to go”, says Mike in West Springfield.

Massachusetts voters already rejected a 2012 ballot question on doctor-assisted death with 51 percent opposed and 49 percent in favor of the law.

The bill has 44 co-sponsors so far this time around.

It is the only subject scheduled for the Public Health Committee hearing on September 26.