Women are still earning less money than men despite narrowing pay gap

Women in Massachusetts earned .84 cents to every dollar a man made last year

GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP)- Employers are still favoring men when it comes to pay, but the discrepancy is narrowing.

A new Bureau of Labor Statistics report shows nationwide, woman earned .82 percent of what men made in 2016. That’s up 7 percent from 1997.

“It seems like its becoming a bit more equal, but not enough to be really prevalent,” said Jason Cambra of Westport.

The trend holds true in Massachusetts, where women earned .84 cents to every dollar a man made last year.  One woman worries for her granddaughter.

“I certainly hope that when she graduates there are jobs are a good fit for her and she gets paid the same way that any man does,” said Carolyn Bruno of Westhampton.

This report clearly shows that women are making less money than men and this is true across every state. 22News found out there could be many different reasons why.

“The more professional your position is, the higher up you go, the larger the pay gap,” said Martha Field, Professor of Economics at Greenfield Community College. “The wage discrepancy between the male CEO’s and the female CEO’s is much much greater.”

Field told 22News women tend to be less competitive when negotiating a salary. Vermont women are earning the most, 90 percent of a men’s weekly salary, while Utah is the lowest at 69 percent.

Governor Baker signed a new law last summer that requires men and women to be paid equally for the same work.
It goes into effect next year.