Man found dead in garbage-filled home

Neighbors say first responders were blocked by wall of trash when they tried to enter Pennsylvania home on emergency call.

(WPXI) A man was found dead Monday inside a garbage-filled home in Pittsburgh’s Stanton Heights neighborhood of Pittsburgh.

The man’s mother, who also lives at the home, called 911 when she found her son, Larry Killian Jr., unresponsive.

Killian was pronounced dead at the scene.

Several neighbors said they’d contacted different organizations, the health department and the city to help the people with the hoarding situation.

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Man, 46, dead in Pittsburgh house with hoarding situation

PITTSBURGH (AP) — A Pittsburgh man has been found dead in a home police say was filled with trash and other debris in a hoarding situation.

The Allegheny County medical examiner says the man found Monday evening was 46-year-old Larry Killian Jr.

Police say the man’s mother, who also lives in the home, called them for help.

First responders had to cut the front door in half to enter the home and dig a pathway to the body because the home was so filled.

An autopsy was set for Tuesday. Investigators say it’s not clear how long the man had been dead.