Amherst offers used needle disposal program

Amherst is offering its residents a place to dispose used needles

AMHERST, Mass. (WWLP) – Most cities and towns only offer prescription drug drop offs. But in Amherst, for $5, you get a used needle container and its disposal.

The Amherst Health Department and the Department of Public Works are sponsoring a Safe Needle Disposal Program for Amherst, Pelham and Shutesbury residents. For $5, residents can get a container to place their needles in and the town will dispose it for you.

Amherst resident Penny Noland told 22News that she thinks the program should be free, because some residents can’t afford to pay the fee.

“$5 could be a loft of bread or some milk or something else,” Noland said. “If the pills are free, if you can drop off the pills, you should be able to drop off your needles.”

Since 2012, it’s been illegal to dispose of any needles in Massachusetts landfills, meaning you can no longer throw out sharps in your household trash.

You can purchase your sharps containers at the Amherst Health Department or the Amherst Transfer Station.