Springfield to expand shotspotter alert system for residents’ safety

The survey will be available to all residents online for the next 30 days

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) –  Springfield recorded its 12th homicide of the year last week and now, the city’s going high tech to protect its people.

Springfield police have investigated a dozen homicides so far in 2017. Mayor Domenic Sarno said Friday night’s shooting that left one dead in Mason Square was just one more targeted attack.

Mayor Domenic Sarno said gang violence is largely to blame for the shootings in Springfield. Sarno added that the city has implemented a number of programs to curb gang violence, but he said families and the court system need to do their part as well.

“You wanna gang bang, there are only three things that are going to happen to you,” Mayor Sarno said. “One, you’re going to get hurt, two you’re going to get incarcerated, or three, God forbid, you’re going to get killed. I’m no Einstein, but I’m going to go to door number four for better opportunities that are offered.”

After analyzing three years of data on shooting incidents, the city will expand the shotspotter alert system in the X and Mason Square neighborhoods. The city’s inviting residents to let the police department know what they think in an online survey.

“Hopefully people are going to see that it’s a good way to communicate with the government, with the city, and the local police department,” Jose Bonilla of Springfield told 22News.

The survey will be available to all residents online for the next 30 days.