First cannabis control commission public meeting held on Beacon Hill

The commission's chairman said they'll need money, technology and staff

BOSTON (WWLP) – The Cannabis Control Commission held their first public meeting on Beacon Hill on Tuesday.

The Commission’s first order of business is to develop a work plan to meet deadlines set by the state’s marijuana law. The commission’s chairman said they’ll need money, technology and staff.

Voters legalized recreational marijuana last November but you can’t legally buy it until retail shops open.

The state’s five member Cannabis Control Commission will oversee licensing and regulating the legal marijuana industry.In their first public meeting, the Commission briefly outlined their plan of action for getting the industry up and running.

Board Chairman Steven Hoffman will serve as interim executive director.

“We have to not just implement the law  but continue to operate an effective agency that serves our constituencies appropriately,” Hoffman told 22News.

The 2018 state budget allocated $2 million to fund regulations for the possession and sale of marijuana. The commission currently has $500,000 to work with. The chairman said they’ll likely need substantially more than $2 million.

A majority of members on the commission voted against legalizing recreational marijuana. Now they’re charged with regulating the legal marijuana industry.

“We’re obviously concerned that their personal positions were against question 4,” said Jim Borghesani, Spokesman of Yes on 4 Coalition. “What we’re hoping is that they don’t let their personal feelings to influence their work on the commission.”

The chairman hopes to have weekly meetings and operate transparently.

Chairman Hoffman assigned tasks to each commissioner to develop a work plan. They hope to get full staffing as soon as they can.