Springfield residents support families affected by Irma in Puerto Rico

Hurricane Irma caused a trail of destruction through Puerto Rico

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Springfield residents have been calling family and friends in Puerto Rico to see how they’re dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.

Hurricane Irma caused a trail of destruction through Puerto Rico, causing many power outages on the island.

Springfield residents with family in Puerto Rico told 22News that although their families may have lost power, their grateful they didn’t lose their homes.

Victor Enriques told 22News, “Everything is ok, thank God that everything is ok, besides the power, but I think they are working on that.”

One Springfield resident, Jennifer Rodriguez, told 22News that even though some parts of Puerto Rico were not as affected as others, people on the island have been supporting one another. She said, “Puerto Ricans, we’re very united, so even though that part of the island did not get affected so much, the other parts did. So everyone is coming together to help each other out.”

City officials told 22News they urge the people of Springfield to support those affected by Irma in Puerto Rico and in other parts of the nation.

State Rep. Carlos Gonzalez told 22News, “We always continue to support any effort that is made for our families to stay connected and to reach out to Puerto Rico in any way possible, to look out for Puerto Rican families, but also our families in Texas and our families in Florida.”

Many Springfield residents told 22News they plan to travel to Puerto Rico to assist in Irma relief, once it is safe to travel.