Cicadas are living among us here in the valley

Cicadas are best known for their loud buzzing sound

AGAWAM, Mass. (WWLP) – Insects making a pest of themselves. 22News viewers have been seeing cicadas here in the Pioneer Valley. 22News explains how common cicadas are in western Massachusetts, and whether they’re harmful to humans.

Cicadas are best known for being the insect that lives underground for years, and for their loud buzzing sound. Cicadas are common up and down the east coast and are a native species that are here every year, where some years have a larger population of cicadas than others.

22News talked with an entomologist at American Pest Solutions who described what a cicada looks like. Bob Russell, an entomologist at American Pest Solutions, told 22News, “They evolve over the summer, and you’ll see this little crab-like larva shell on the tree trunk, and it’s kinda scary-looking, but you’ll see it, it will be hollow, and that turns into this large, broad-winged green-eyed insect that lives in the trees and makes that funny sound.”

According to DOA Exterminating in Springfield, cicadas are not harmful to humans, trees, or the leaves of a tree.

If you are concerned with cicadas being in your tree, you can wrap burlap around the trunk of the tree, because the trunk is how cicadas get in the trees.

Cicadas, once hatched from their eggs in the trees, will burrow underground for years, drinking tree sap from the tree roots.
When the dormant period ends, the cicada climbs the tree trunk, where it will then shed its skin, becoming an adult cicada.