Massachusetts changing process for auto inspections

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – If you have to get your car inspected in the coming months, expect to be waiting a little bit longer at the shop. Starting October 1, the state is instituting a new system for auto inspections, which is designed to make them more thorough.

Gary Leyden, manager of Welker Gulf and Tire Alignment in Springfield, explained to 22News that instead of the normal 20 minutes it takes to have your car inspected, it will now take about half an hour.

He said that the new equipment also includes cameras, which are designed to ensure that technicians are conducting the inspections fully and properly. The cameras will also take pictures of your car’s license plates and mileage.

“Apparently I guess, they don’t feel the different places are doing the inspection the way they should be done, I assume, so they want the cameras watching the whole operation of the inspection,” Leyden said.

Despite the changes, the standard cost for an inspection will remain the same, at $35.

The new system will be implemented beginning on October 1.