Do you know the bicycle safety laws in Massachusetts?

Many UMass students weren't wearing helmets when they rode their bicycles Thursday.

AMHERST, Mass. (WWLP)- College students are back on campus and that means more cars, pedestrians, and bicycles on the road. UMass Police said they’ve investigated accidents involving bicyclists in the last few days, and each time, the biker was at fault.

22News asked students whether they knew the rules of the road and discovered that while they know some laws, they don’t know them all.

“I know a little bit about them, but not a ton though” says UMass junior Greg Beauclair.

“If you’re turning, you’re supposed to use hand signals”, says UMass senior Keren Radbil.

“You should wear a helmet, and then you should ride on the sides of the street on the right side and always in the direction that traffic goes”, says graduate student Ximena Vicuna.

The rules a biker should follow depends on where they ride their bike. If they’re on the sidewalk, they should follow the same rules that a pedestrian does. But, if they are on the road, they should follow the rules that a car does.

There are bike lanes in some parts of campus and in town, but pedestrians told 22News the rules are rarely followed.

“It seems as though there once was a time when there were bike lanes, but no one listens to them”, says Radbil.

UMass Police issued a reminder about the biking rules in Massachusetts. They say everyone should wear a helmet, but most people we saw on campus Thursday did not. If you are younger than 16, state law requires you to wear a helmet.

Massachusetts Law about Bicycles