Red Cross prepares for Hurricane Irma

Volunteers have already been sent to Florida in case the hurricane strikes.

SPRINGFIELD, Mass.(WWLP) – With Hurricane Irma now creating another threat, people in Puerto Rico and Florida could face the same crisis.

The western Massachusetts chapter of the Red Cross is asking for your help.

With volunteers from western Massachusetts deployed to Texas, helping with the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey, the Red Cross is looking for trained volunteers to send to Puerto Rico or Florida if Hurricane Irma hits hard.

“We are going to be stretched really thin, the good thing is we still have an outpouring of people that wanted to volunteer for Harvey,” said Disaster Program Director, Mary Nathan.

Dave Basler has been a volunteer with the western Massachusetts chapter for more than two years and has been deployed nationally twice.

He told 22News that anyone who is capable of being a volunteer should consider helping those in need.

“We help people at the worst time,” said Basler. “In a disaster like this especially the early part when they’re still in shock, and to be able to get somebody to smile maybe even laugh that’s very rewarding.”

In addition to volunteering your time to help hurricane victims, the Red Cross also stressed their need for donations.

Financial donations provide food, shelter, comfort and emergency support.