Dozens of tires slashed in Holyoke

As many as 20 cars were damaged on Hampshire and Walnut Streets

HOLYOKE, Mass. – Dozens of cars had their tires slashed in Holyoke overnight.

Holyoke Police detectives are trying to find whoever slashed dozens of tires overnight in the city’s Churchill section early Tuesday.

Holyoke Police Sgt. Kevin Thomas told 22News that, “someone slashed the tires on more than 10 cars and likely fewer than 20… the vandalism was discovered early Tuesday morning, as people went out to their cars.”

People who live and work in the Churchill neighborhood said this kind of vandalism makes them feel uneasy being out at night.

“To know that many cars got hit in one night, kind of scary,” said Jennifer Hall of Holyoke. “Kind of, like, I don’t even want to take the bus after dark now, cause who’s doing it?”

The damage was done on Walnut and Hampshire Streets. Police have made no arrests, and have named no suspects.