American Red Cross volunteers helping Harvey victims

The Red Cross is still looking for volunteers

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP)-  Forty-seven people in western Massachusetts decided to spend their time off during Labor Day weekend by doing more labor.

They spent their Saturday training to be American Red Cross volunteers to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

“It’s very important to volunteer, no matter what agency you volunteer with,” said Novella Morrison, a disaster services volunteer for the Red Cross. “Just helping other people is a blessing.”

Despite it being Labor Day weekend, relief efforts for the victims of Hurricane Harvey didn’t take a vacation. In addition to Saturday’s new volunteer training session, people have been here all weekend long taking case calls from Texas. They’ll be back this weekend too.

A mandatory psych-training session will be held this Saturday. Volunteers will be taught the signs of mental instability in victims and coworkers while working in the field.

“So many volunteers are helping and the volunteers, the long-time Red Cross volunteers, that have been down there are working really hard and they appreciate all the support from the community here back at home,” Regional Mass Care Manager of the American Red Cross Brenda Brouillette said.

Some of Saturday’s volunteers will be sent to Harvey if they want to be deployed.

Other volunteers will stay here in western Massachusetts to help establish new cases and give people the monetary help they need to rebuild their lives.

Additional training sessions in mass care and sheltering will take place Wednesday night at the American Red Cross of Western Massachusetts for people who want to specialize in those areas.