More bobcat sightings in western Massachusetts

It is not uncommon to spot them in residential areas

EAST LONGEMADOW, Mass. (WWLP) – A bobcat has been spotted in East Longmeadow.

The state Department of Fisheries and Wildlife said bobcats are the only wild cats in Massachusetts.

They said bobcats are adapting, and it is not uncommon to spot them in residential areas.

Bobcats are on the prowl here in western Massachusetts

Bobcats prey on medium sized animals like rabbits and squirrels, which could attract them to certain areas.

Joe Gurney of East Longmeadow told 22News, “I see a lot of animals around, as far as not really like bobcats, but foxes, bears, deer. But who knows, there could be anything with all of the woods around here.”

According to Mass. Fisheries and Wildlife, bobcats rarely have conflicts with humans, but they could go after your smaller pets.