Caught on Camera: Car crashes into laundromat

NEW YORK (CNN) – Six people were injured, three seriously, when a driver crashed his SUV into a laundromat Sunday on Staten Island.

Authorities believe the elderly driver accidentally gunned his vehicle in reverse while trying to park.

“I heard this thunderous boom. I honestly thought it was an explosion,” said Bradley Grantham, who was nearby when the car crashed.

Surveillance cameras caught it all, as the 74-year-old driver of this white SUV slowly backs out of a parking spot. Then while in reverse he says he didn’t realize it but stepped on the gas, crashed right through an enormous front glass window, hitting people and tables.

Bradley was working next door and went to help three people pinned between the back bumper and the wall of this laundromat.

“And they were saying, get the car off me…”

“Yeah, get the car off me, move the car, move the car. When I attempted to move it, I just put it into drive and it just didn’t…it moved and they were like no, no, never mind, never mind,” said Grantham.

In the surveillance video you can see the driver in the gray tank top. He seemed dazed and confused.

“As soon as I turned my shoulder, the car was already coming through the glass, and it was hitting all the tables and metal, it was hitting everyone. So that’s… not only just the car but the tables and the carts were just ramming into everyone,” said Alessia Simoncelli, another eyewitness.

“It felt like a movie scene, like, it didn’t feel real,” said Josephine Torlone, the woman who was right outside the building smoking.

The force of the crash startled Josephine. She fell but she got up and ran inside, “And I saw one of my friends on the floor. She’s like, “I can’t feel my legs!” I was like, relax. To find out later on, she’s pregnant.”

The incident is under investigation. None of the injuries are believed to be life-threatening.