Westfield church does its part to help Harvey victims

Help is pouring in from all over the country, including right here in western Massachusetts

WESTFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Western Massachusetts continues doing its part to help hurricane Harvey victims.

“When you look at those pictures and you see all those people under water, it behooves us to take care of everybody,” said Tom Scahill of Westfield.

And that’s exactly what the Springfield Roman Catholic Diocese is urging everyone to do, regardless of their faith.

Bishop Mitchell Rozanski is appealing to people of all faiths to get involved in helping Hurricane Harvey victims. At the Our Lady of Blessed Sacrament Church in Westfield, their spiritual leader is urging his parishioners to remember, the definition of a neighbor, goes beyond who lives next door.

“We’re being called upon now, in a way that is unprecedented in our country to assist,” said Father Daniel Pacholec. “All the responders that are down there, they can’t do it alone.”

In the foyer of the church, is a special collection basket for donations, which includes pictures of the devastation and words from a touching scripture.

Linda Gerlip, a Westfield resident said, “When one body sufferers, we all suffer. So, we’re all true brothers and sisters in Christ. And we should take our faith really seriously.”

The aftermath of Harvey continues to take its toll. At least 47 people are dead. Neighborhoods are submerged in water, while clean up begins in others.

People here in western Massachusetts are holding their loved ones tighter, and thanking god for their blessings.

“We want to hope that people would open their hearts and do all they can,” said Father Pacholec.

As emergency responders continue to search for survivors, among flooded neighborhoods.

“The country needs to be like united and helping all of its people, you know,” said Erin Harlow. “That’s why we’re the United States, you know, we like really gotta help each other.”

Help is pouring in from all over the country, including right here in western Massachusetts. The Red Cross is urging volunteers to sign up, while the church is reminding the faithful, not to forget their brothers and sisters in need.