Sunday’s rain left over from Harvey

Sunday's rain was leftover from Harvey

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Harvey has been bringing flooding rains and downpours to the United States since August 25th. Looking back on the path of Harvey, Harvey developed as a tropical wave west of Africa August 13th. August 17th Harvey became a named tropical storm and become a category 4 hurricane August 25th after gaining strength in the Gulf of Mexico.

After stalling in Texas for a couple days it made landfall again August 30th in southwestern Louisiana.

All this moisture has to go somewhere, so it traveled through the Mid-Atlantic states Friday and Saturday and into southern New Jersey and Pennsylvania Saturday. As it traveled through the northeast it was well out of it’s tropical state but brought heavy downpours as it moved north.

Here in western Massachusetts we got Harvey through the day on Sunday but it ran into dry and cool air that we felt Saturday. This helped to reduce the amount of rain as it continues through Massachusetts and up north.

Harvey will finally exit the United States by Monday after breaking many different records. Making landfall twice in Texas and bringing closer to 52 inches of rain from just one tropical system.