“Good Time”

A Look at the Movies

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – I just knew that Robert Pattinson was destined for better things than playing the zombie-like Vampire in the trashy “Twilight” movies. Remember that rubbish?

Pattinson redeems himself with his electrifying performance in “Good Time” as the small-time crook protecting his emotionally disabled kid brother.

From the moment Pattinson stupidly robs a bank, his life becomes an accelerated nightmare. He’s determined to save his brother from the horrors of prison brutality. You’ll either look away from the screen or find yourself transfixed by the ultra-realism.

Thanks to the most amazing camera work by a truly daring director, “Good Time” never lets up for a moment, keeping up the pressure cooker atmosphere.

If you’re hoping to catch your breath during a lighter moment, forget it, there are no lighter moments.

“Good Time” is a grueling experience, redeemed only by the reality we’re watching the emergence of a truly fine director. He’ll probably have to tone it down in his future moves are to attract an audience.

Nothing that happens in this grim thriller can be mistaken for having a lot of fun. Still, that shouldn’t prevent “Good Time” from being rewarded with 3 stars.

There are more audience-friendly movies out there right now, but none have a harder edge than “Good Time”….

Rated R

1 hour 25 minutes

Robert Pattinson, Jennifer Jason Leigh