Attleboro native speaks on Hurricane Harvey impact


ATTLEBORO, Mass. (WPRI) — Phillip Nelson moved down to Houston from Attleboro, Mass. about three years ago. Since being there he says he’s experienced some pretty serious floods but just like so many others, he had never seen anything as bad as Hurricane Harvey.

Pictures from Nelson’s wife and friends show the devastation across Houston during some of the worst of Harvey. Roads were turned into rivers with cars almost completely under water.

“The area affected is just humongous,” said Nelson during a phone interview with Eyewitness News.

Nelson says he’s one of the lucky ones. Water got into his garage but not the house.

“It was just surreal to go explore and have to walk our streets that we walk daily walking through six inches of water,” he said.

Water was much higher in other places though. One of his friends biked around to survey the damage. Flood waters were nearly over street signs at some places they went.

“Our friends with a two-week-old had to call 911 and their neighbors were getting helicopter evacuated,” Nelson said. “They ended up getting evacuated as well, that’s the scary part of what happened.”

While the memories and images of the devastation will last forever the good news is from what Nelson’ seen he tells Eyewitness news the water has gone down in most places as families return to see what kind of damage they’re faced with.

Nelson was actually able to get back to work this week. He says his company is at about half staff. He says some employees are out working on their own homes and some are out volunteering with cleanup efforts since the company is allowing them to do that.